The Pyramid of Shadow

Location: Ruhrk, Gharj
Status: Regular Operations under repair
Power level: Level II/X
Crew Officer Commanding: Shade of Kravakos

Resources: Large stockpile of metals [2000 units], 20 cases of processed Shade, 160 cases of unprocessed shade stockpiled.
15 Tons of Orcish treasure
Broken Shield Stockpile of subpar metals [600 units]



The Nexus contains the bridge of the Pyramid of Shadows, as well as a meeting room, an Oracle/Seering room, the central hub of the shadow gap internal gateway system, as well as the commander’s quarters and office.
The Spear of Gruumsh has been installed by Selmark

Shade of Kravakos

  • 4 Shadow Reaper Eidolons

The Darkworks – Functional level 1

The Darkworks is the central engineering station that directs and controls the black energy that powers the pyramid.

SK series

  • 8 Darkspawn Stalkers
  • 4 Darkspawn Berserkers
  • 1 Darkspawn Grue
  • 1 Darkspawn Seer

The Gardens – Functional level 1

The Gardens is a complex of extradimensional space that contains the most space in the pyramid. Eight small pyramidal structures rest on hills surrounding the inner garden, which slopes down to a narrow canal that circles the central rise. On the central rise sits a dark pavilion crafted from dark stone. Wide paths of peppered gravel connect the pavilion to the outer pyramids, and narrow footways form concentric rings that weave through the garden. Many stone markers, statues and fountains are found in the garden, though they are overgrown with vines and thorned hedges. An artificial cycle of night and day is created through powerful magics and the room has it’s own weather systems. A gaze off into the distance reveals rolling hills of similar form, though these are mostly an illusion. Mostly.

The Gardener
180+ Arborean creatures

  • Arborean Reaper
  • Arborean Watcher
  • Arborean Vine Horror
  • Arborean Spellfiend
  • Arborean Walkers
  • Green Vise Predatory Vines
  • Shambling Mound

Mausoleorium – Functional level 0/Needs Repair

Dimly lit and cold, the Mausoleorium is not designed for the living, but for the undead.

  • Erik, Eric and Leopold – Skull Lord
  • 16 Shade Skeletons
  • 23 Battlewights

The Temple – Needs Repair

  • Sgt. Grikfell
  • 6 Beastman Guards

The Library – Functional level 0

Book collection is still recovering, but contains many interesting texts and grimoires.

The Black Iron Armory and Forge – Level 1

2 adamantium vats (enough for two items of either armor or weapon type)

  • Executive Prefect Tarl Mar
  • Armorsmith Master Adept Atomek Zirius II
  • 8 Duergar Smiths
  • 12 Duergar Apprentices
  • 10 Duergar Workers
  • 2 Necrider Constructs and crews with 60 Skeletal workers
  • Tamed Charnel Cinderhouse

The Barracks – Functional level 1 repairing

  • Captain Gharash Vren
  • 10 Halberdier Fighters
  • 6 Crossbowmen Men-at-arms
  • 500 Orc Elite warriors [Bloodsword, Blackspear, Broken Sheild, and Bound Saber clans]

The Broken Mirror – Functional level 0

  • Trathkul Zorn – Barkeep & Distiller
  • Tom Clancy – Mummy servant
  • Tonya and Sonya – Succubi sisters
  • Micky – Flaming Skull fry cook

The Sublevels – Functional/needs repair

The sublevels contain most of the plumbing and conduits of eldritch energy that powers the Pyramid. It also is where the energy seems to be stored.

  • Untamed Charnel Lord Otyugh

The Pyramid of Shadow

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