Shady Acres


Shady Acres is the rechristened name of a northerly farm that was seized at great length by a young and inexperienced Grievous Althir on his first escapades after he was made Lord of Lattel Keep.


When last observed, Shady Acres had been converted into a military supply camp for the Army of Darkness. It is centered around the farmhouse and barn, with the additional barracks being constructed for the troops, with orchards and farm land expanding out from the center.


Originally constructed by ______ as a safe place to retire, this building is built slightly larger than average, with doors sized for a large sized creature to pass through comfortably. There is an underground passage in the basement of the Farmhouse that connects it to the hive and to the barn. It is now used predominantly as the administrative center for the farm, though it is often used as a tavern in the evenings.

Barn -

This is a big barn, built by ____

Barracks -

A recent addition to Shady Acres, the barracks is split between administrators and soldier guards. While most of the seasonal workers still stay in tents, those on long term projects are usually bunked in the barracks.

Giant Bee Hive -

Shady Acres

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