Northkiln is a small settlement in the Duchy of Taran ruled over by Sir Andoral. It’s predominant business is lumber, which it floats southward towards more populated areas. Small fields surround the settlement, with well tended fences of wood and stone.

Since Sir Andoral has been sick, Nathra the Watch Captain, and Samson the butler, have taken care of most of the official business. In the past they have been relatively friendly towards Althir, since he rid them of an undead problem at a nearby graveyard.

The major buildings in town are the Great House, the Notched Ax, Hammond’s smithy, the wood mill, the stables, the granary, the butcher shop and the Hall of worship.

The Great House is a tall log building of solid workmanship and frontier style. It sits inside a walled compound, with a small stable for the master’s steeds and those of guests. The compound also contains a barracks for the small guard maintained by Sir Andoral, though Nathra has moved into the main house. The Great House maintains a roaring fire at all times in the main hall, with pelts and busts of animals decorating the walls and floor. Leseeria and Madeline Althir have been given rooms here, along with their servants.

The Notched Ax is a small tavern and inn, made in simple style, to serve the loggers after a hard days work. The place is decorated with saws and axes, and the barkeep Lummy keeps the ale flowing. It sits right next to the smithy, so patrons who stay over are usually driven out by the clanking and hammering that starts early in the morning.

Hammond is a blacksmith of moderate skill, whose main specialization is axes and saws. He rarely makes weapons but is on contract to supply the Northkiln Watch with spears, swords and armor.

The Hall of Worship is a plain temple made of pine and smells of incense and pitch. Brother Lars runs the hall with his few assistants, supervising the praying for good weather and protection from the tree spirits. The shrine of Erathis receives many offerings for protection and safety, with the small shrine to Melora receives it’s fair share of placation, so as not to upset the forest.


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