Lattel Keep


Lattel Keep is an old and imposing dark tower that sits upon northern border of the Duchy of Taran. It has long been associated with strange and evil power, though few know it’s true history. In recent times it has been home to a succession of vile and sinister lords that have terrorized the surrounding countryside. First was Father Garrow, whose reign was brought to an end by the Keepers of the Hallowed Grove. He was followed by the crazed Kiroth, a former lieutenant, who rebuilt the basement level. Kiroth granted lordship of the Keep to Grievous Althir, in a violent contest that was to prove his position as the arisen Lord of Darkness.

As a fortress and base for the Army of Darkness, it expanded it’s influence to control the territory south to Sandharg and northwest to Shady Acres, eventually drawing the wary eye of the Archduke and the Iron Minds. In the prolonged Siege of Lattel Keep, the Iron Minds eventually secured the Keep at significant cost. A significant portion of the defenders managed to escape northward.


Above Ground

Main Keep


Tower Walls

Outer Walls


Side Keep

Below Ground




The Pit

Lattel Keep

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