An inland territory, predominantly occupied by orc tribes. It lies along the Old North Road.

The countryside is harsh in Gharj, with windswept badlands and scrubland. Orc herders move hundreds of heads of cattle, from watering hole to watering hole in the dusty wind and the harsh heat. The sudden storms bring a torrential rain fall, flooding the creek beds and rivers into a churning mess. Each time the land renews itself and plants spring forth, turning the flood plain into a verdant field. Such events call the tribes to make the journey forth and claim the bounty, usually resulting in the warfare so prevalent in the region.

The canyon that was traveled up to Bloodsword by Althir is along the Western edge of Gharj as it juts up against the foothills of the mountain. The canyon walls quickly turn from grey shale to gleaming red streaks and patterns of shimmering black. The grey-brown dust gets carried in by the wind, coating patches and covering the canyon floor. The canyons of Bloodsword branch off from each other taking sudden corners and leaving monolithic chunks of stone.

Mount Ulvakas Blackrock Hold


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