Roughly translates to ‘wet mud’ in Northern Monster (Orcish Gharj dialect)

The rains cause a massive flash flooding that scours the canyons until it bursts out onto the great floodplain along the Gharji river that meanders aimlessly northward. The whole area becomes a shallow lake for roughly a week before finally settling into a rich mud. The hot sun quickly turns the area into a massive meadow of tough northern grasses and scrub.

The Gharj orc tribes will move their herds of cattle into the region, hoping to quickly fatten them in preparation for winter or to encourage large numbers of offspring. However, as the cattle graze, the orcs fight. Tribes will gather up their warriors and go on vicious raids to steal each other’s herds, warriors, women or other resources. While the initial stage is usually about proving one’s strength, as the battles progress they become more and more acquisitive in nature, and chieftains that fail to secure enough resources will often be violently replaced.

Blessak lasts as it takes for either the orcs or the grasses to be depleted.


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