Blackrock Hold

Buried deep within the volcanic core of Mt. Ulvakas, Blackrock Hold is the expansive mining fortress of the Scartztal Clan of Duergar. The fortress is young by Duergar standards (roughly half a century), but is rich in resources and amenities.

Population: 300 Duergar (10,000 skeleton workers)

Blackrock Hold is itself the central stronghold cavern that serves as the administrative center of the clan. The clan is ruled by the secretive Clan Delegacy Council, but daily business is run by the Adjudicator Triumvirate from the Hall of the Tribunal. However, the operations of Blackrock Hold are largely set in stone by tradition, and the administration rarely provides any direct supervision to the almost mechanical functioning of industry.

They are an aligned autonomous force for the Shadow.

Blackrock Hold

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