The Reign of Shadow

The Deal

From the words of Grievus Althir:

Work on the Pyramid is underway. Sandharg is now behind us and our eyes point ahead, for there is so much that needs to be done. I have plotted a course to head for the northern reaches in search of our remaining loyalists; or what remains of them. In order to travel such a great distance, we have enacted the use of the Pyramid’s ancient technology – Shadow Jumping. Even with such great power, Malkin has informed me that it will still take us several days before we reach the area that has captured our interests – Hammsdale I think it as called. Hermanticles; though loyal to the soul and a great asset to our ranks, he still needs to work on his handwriting skills. Clear and concise communication is key for our lofty goals to reach fruition.

As our airship tears the sky apart to blanket it’s great mass, the Shadowfell erupts into vision as a blurred image of the material plane and the plane of darkness. While on our journey, it was brought to my attention that sustenance was required by myself and some of the men, so we scanned the area for a suitable location to acquire the necessary materials. The Gardener located a structure not far off on the scanners that appeared to be housing a merchant and his fine wares. Upon unloading from our vessel, the structure appeared to have few visible markings that gave the average passerby insight into what was contained inside. Luckily, we had Malkin to guide and inform. Directly above the front entrance to the structure were marking scratched into the stucco-like material coating: “VII XI”

It was indeed a general merchant’s shop that held very few items that held any interest to us. By the Shadow, they didn’t even carry Pringles! When we arrived at the counter to purchase our coffee and infused smoke sticks, our gaze met with an old acquaintance: Lex Talionis – the being with whome we played a game of Dis a few years ago. He had somehow acquired all the rights to my organization in my absence and dangled it in front of my like a shark and its meat. The deal with the Shade and control of Knechill was still on…
Once we were done speaking, the structure turned to dust all around us. We departed once more.


The Darkness has swept over these words, and corrected some names and made sure the links work…

The Deal
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