The Reign of Shadow…

Stretching Shadow

Current Position: Near Ruhrk Fortress

In a surprising turn of events,Shar’Ha, the horned leader of the mercenary orcs at Ruhrk set upon the party in the Room of Cloaks. Shar’ha seems to be more than an Orc, calling out at Malkin to threaten him with vengeance for the death of his former master. Though she is driven off, she surely haunts the halls of Ruhrk, which echo the winding pathways of Malkin’s Shadowfell gladiator school. What secrets does Ruhrk hold? And just what is Shar’Ha? These questions may have to wait, as the bloody Blessak rages around them, and Gharjj rides the tipping point between the violent anarchy of the orcs and the unrelenting darkness of the shadow…

Last Time

Having taken over the Bloodsword clan through ritual combat, and secured an arrangement with Blackrock Hold, Grievous Althir returns his focus to the coming task of Blessak and the continued conquest of the North.

The Pyramid of Shadow has replenished a portion of it’s blood supply, and with the addition of the Scartztal Duergar, the structure is being repaired and upgraded. The have expanded the Barracks to house a collection of orc warriors as well as retaken the Black Iron Armory and Forge.


The Reign of Shadow

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